FSSC 22000 certification

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FSSC 22000 certification

FSSC 22000 food safety system certification is a complete certification scheme. It is a scheme that provides for auditing and certification of food safety management systems (FSMS 22000).

The GFSI organization did not approve this standard due to defects in some parts of the ISO 22000:2005 standard, such as PRPs. Therefore, with the efforts of several organizations, new standards were published. Finally, the GFSI organization introduces and publishes the FSSC 22000 standard in 2010. Therefore, the FSSC22000 certificate was also able to be issued. The discussed standard, like all other types of standards, will definitely be revised over time and in the coming years.

Organizations seeking FSSC 22000 certification. They should know that this standard combines and integrates many standards approved by the GFSI organization.

Application of FSSC 22000 certification

FSSC 22000 certification provides one of the most comprehensive approaches to establishing and maintaining a food safety management system for organizations that engage in the production of food products. Because the foundation of this standard is the ISO22000 standard, it is completely and continuously integrated with other management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, and as one of the main and inseparable components of the capabilities of any food production organization to improve quality and supply. It is safety.

FSSC 22000 certification provides a way for organizations to demonstrate on an international level that they have a comprehensive management system that meets food safety requirements from both the perspective of customers and regulatory bodies.

The FSSC 22000 standard covers all stages and processes of the food supply chain. which are directly or indirectly related to the final product used. was designed This standard provides a single safety management umbrella for all individuals and sectors throughout the food chain. which makes it easier to make decisions for training, implementation and auditing of food safety management at every level of the food chain.

How to get FSSC certificate

Obtaining and receiving the FSSC certificate is like receiving the ISO 22000 certificate. The same authorities that issue international ISO certificates sometimes also issue FSCC certificates. Getting FSSA certificate seems difficult for many users and applicants. While this is not the case and it can be easily issued like ISO certificates.

It is possible to obtain the FSCC certificate immediately and cheaply through the Karan system center by calling 021-79165. All certificates issued must be done by an international authority. FSSC Bytesi certificate with a certificate number that can be tracked on the site.

Many applicant companies fall into the trap of profiteers because they do not have this information. Unreliable people and companies take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the applicants and provide them with fake certificates. Just because a certificate in Latin is registered on a site in English, it is not enough for the authenticity of the certificate.

Experience immediate and cheap FSSC certification with System Karan. With complete mastery over the main issuing authorities, this center brings users and applicants to the main FSSC certificate at the lowest possible price and using group discounts.

Requirements for FSSC certification

The steps and conditions of obtaining the FSSC certificate are the question of most applicants. The conditions for obtaining the FSSC certificate are almost the same as the conditions for obtaining the ISO 22000 certificate. Any company in the food industry can get the FSSC certificate. Obtaining the FSCC certificate has requirements that are detailed below. But you can entrust zero to one hundred tasks to the center of system operators. Karan System Center at the contact number 021-79165 performs all the registration and issuance of the FSSC certificate of your company.

The conditions for obtaining the FSSC certificate are usually implemented automatically in any company that has a license from the Ministry of Health. It means that any company that has the license of the Health Department, practically has the conditions to receive and obtain the FSSC certificate. Therefore, he can easily get the FSSC certificate.

FSSC 22000 requirements

fssc22000 certification includes additional requirements that re-emphasize existing standards for manufacturers and suppliers. The criteria that must be covered by the standards that make up it, conform to them.

These additional requirements specify that:

Manufacturers must provide a list of statutory, legal, regulatory and external requirements related to food safety. Including those related to raw materials, service supply and production and distribution of products. In addition, manufacturers must comply with the following.

Operational codes related to food safety
Customer requirements related to food safety

and meet other additional requirements and facilities related to food safety that are determined by customers.

The food safety system must show compliance with these requirements. and make sure of it.

The manufacturer must also ensure that all services, including (water and electricity facilities, etc., transportation and storage) that may affect food safety, have identified and specified requirements that are in the documents. It is manageable as needed to perform a risk analysis, descriptive and in compliance with the requirements of PAS 220:2008.

Finally, the manufacturer must ensure the effective supervision of the personnel in the correct application of food safety principles and practices in accordance with their activities.

Difference between ISO 22000 certificate and FSSC 22000 certificate

These two standards have almost common frameworks. The ISO 22000 certification is supported by the ISO International Organization for Standardization. But the FSSC 22000 certificate is supported by an organization called GFSI. ISO 22000 certification is more popular because of its universality. Most of the companies active in the field of food industry prefer ISO 22000 certification to FSSC 22000 certification.

ISO 22000 certificate is more supported by international communities because it starts with the suffix ISO. Sometimes some customers like to have FSSC22000 certificate.

Application of FSSC 22000 standard

Organizations that seek to obtain fssc 22000 certification should know that this standard has a wide scope of application and includes any organization with any complexity and level, these organizations are as follows:

Producers of perishable animal products, excluding slaughter (slaughter) and before slaughter (slaughter), for example: packing meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and fish products.

For producers of perishable vegetable products, such as: fresh fruit and vegetables packaged or canned, fresh fruit juices, canned fruits.

Manufacturers of products with a long useful life, such as: canned products, biscuits, snacks, oil, drinking water, soft drinks, pasta, flour, sugar, salt.

Manufacturers of ingredients and food ingredients

Therefore, in order to obtain the FSSC22000 certificate, organizations must move towards the integrated use of all standards accepted by the World Food Organization and prepare themselves for the audits of this standard by creating an integrated safe standard, and after the approval of internationally approved reference organizations, Get the certificate you want.

It should be noted that the FSSC22000 standard can be issued by all CBs, but it should be noted that not all of these authorities have the approval to issue this certificate.

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